Easy Ways to Find a Lover

Don’t complain that I don’t have a girlfriend, read this article carefully and start practicing right away. If you make little effort, it is only a matter of time before your days alone are over! Refresh your look You were alone for quite some time, and you could hardly leave your house. But now, it’s […]

Oath of Allegiance

The love story offers you sad marriage stories, you can read how fragile the relationships are and how sublime the love is in this true love story. My wife was serving dinner when I got home tonight. I took her hand and told her I had something to say. He sat down at the table […]

The Story of Kerem and Asli

Kerem, whose real name is Ahmet Mirza, is the son of the Shah of Isfahan. Aslı, on the other hand, is the daughter of an Armenian priest who was the treasurer of the Shah of Isfahan. Kerem and Aslı love each other. The Shah of Isfahan asks the priest for Asli for his son Kerem. […]