The 25 characteristics of the ideal lover


1 – Even if the relationship with her lover lasts for a long time, she does not lose her respect for him.

2 – He compliments often, does not avoid sincere glances and contacts that will provide intimacy.

3 – When her lover tells her “Please be with me”, she leaves everything and becomes with him.

4 – She is proud of her lover. He enjoys his achievements and does not get crushed under these achievements.

5 – He keeps his lover’s feet off the ground with long sex sessions involving eye contact, kissing and hugging.

6 – When her lover gains weight, instead of hitting her in the face, she says, “Now I will be able to caress you more.”

7 – Announces his relationship to his friends, family and the whole world via social media.

8 – He sees sex as a love ritual where emotions reach a climax instead of a mechanical action.

9 – He expresses his appreciation for his lover’s body at every opportunity and thus caresses her soul.

10 – He respects his lover’s life, lifestyle, likes and does not try to change.

11 – She never attributes her lover’s unstable behavior to premenstrual syndrome. Even if that’s why, he won’t shoot it in the face.

12 – He is comforting, honest, compassionate, conscientious.

13 – Calls lazily instead of sending a message. Because he knows that no “I love you” message is a substitute for hearing that sentence in person.

14 – Encourages her lover in everything. He clings tightly to give morale to the issues in which he has failed.

15 – Even if it doesn’t suit his taste, he buys the gifts he wants just because his lover loves him.

16 – Behaves like a knight. And of course, it makes her lover feel like a princess.

17 – When her lover makes a mistake, instead of cutting off the relationship and throwing it away, she tries to listen to the reasons for the mistake and try to fix it.

18 – He knows how to entertain you and himself instead of taking every subject seriously.

19 – He compliments you in front of his friends. He is proud of the beautiful woman next to him.

20 – Balances the voice inside during a fight. It establishes a calm and healthy communication without shouting or shouting.

21 – Shows understanding to her lover’s shopping spree.

22 – He owns half of the household chores, turns the word ”Life is communal” into a motto.

23 – She goes to the doctor with her lover, gives morale.

24 – At the end of a difficult day, she shows special attention to her lover.

25 – Understands what she wants from a glance of her lover.

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