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Special Long Messages to Your Lover

We often express to the beloved how much we love him, our love for him. However, sometimes, on special days such as February 14, Valentine’s Day, we also want to make our lover feel our love with long messages. Especially the long messages to the male lover we will write will give happiness to the […]

Grace Kelly & Monako Prensi III. Rainer

On Friday, May 6, 1955, it’s no different for Grace Kelly, the most beautiful woman on television; He will speak to the press for his new movie, give many interviews, go to his hairdresser and meet the prince of Monaco and attend the gala dinner in his honor. Exhausted by the intensity of her European […]

Over the years…

The girl also gets excited when she sees the young man. In an effort to express her feelings, she throws a red apple over the fence. For a soldier in those conditions, it means a life, a sign of hope and love, and he is happy. The young man takes the apple that the young […]

An Immaculate Love!

The young girl was constantly looking at the door with excitement. She was going to meet her loved one soon. Every word he said was very important for their future. He loved her for God’s sake. They were thinking of getting married. Until that day, they had always kept their distance, they wanted to finish […]