Badoo Love Stories

1: No flaw, Yes love…

Hello dear Badoo Live Family,
I will share my story of finding the love of my life with you…
We met in Siberia and we started to talk, everything is fine but there is a difference in age between what? He was a bit older than me… From inside “I know to find a flaw in every good thing, don’t think about it and go ahead” I told myself. He had everything I was looking for, gentleman, polite, sociable… He stole my heart. We traveled a lot, talked a lot, had a great time and realized that we couldn’t separate from each other anymore. The proposal of marriage has turned my head and now we are verbal… May God grant this happiness to everyone bir It is a beautiful feeling and everyone deserves it. Thanks Badoo Live.

2: Coincidence

Sema Hanım tells about their coincidence …
“Love loves coincidences, or we are loves coincidences …” I found the man I call the love of my life here, full of rejoicing happiness … I wish I hadn’t parted. First he understood who he was talking to, he confessed, he said, kı The love of his life… ”It’s been 3 years since we left and we missed each other’s hands. Thanks for Badoo Live… ”

3: Endless Love

In June 2007, my wife was studying for a master’s degree in Germany and I was a sophomore. My wife needed someone to speak and correspond in Turkish, and because of a minor inconvenience I had, I had free time to spend a lot of time on this dating site. While my wife was trying to draw attention by sharing the introduction part of a love story with her girlfriends starting from her grandmother and grandfather to her birth; I returned by saying ”yes”. And whatever happened, it happened. Right now we have a perfect marriage and our love still continues 🙂

4: Alona and Yazgan: “There is no limit to love!”

The love story that began on continues at the wedding table!

As the Team, Yazgan and Alona’s story started two years ago at

Alone, he settled in Turkey’s Istanbul offices to work in a global company. He says that he became a member of Siberia to meet new people under the influence of being a stranger in the city.
Alona stated that he met Yazgan shortly after his membership and said, olmaz It is unclear where and how love will come across. Al Among the first Turkish words he learned from Yazgan were “Kısmet” and “Nasip Eh.

We wish our happy couple a nice life together.

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