An Immaculate Love!

The young girl was constantly looking at the door with excitement. She was going to meet her loved one soon. Every word he said was very important for their future. He loved her for God’s sake.

They were thinking of getting married. Until that day, they had always kept their distance, they wanted to finish this work again halal. They would sit down and plan how to let the families know. No matter how much her aunt’s daughter tried to calm her down, she couldn’t. It’s time to meet.

He would come with his sister, whom he loved. Suddenly the doorbell rang. It was only the sister of the loved one who came. They greeted and hugged, and the sister of your loved one suddenly bowed her head and looked at the ground.

“Where is your brother?” the young girl asked, looking at the door, “Is something wrong! She grabbed his arm, terrified. “No, sister,” she handed the package to her beloved sister, “my brother is waiting for me in the car, he sent it to me. What was that? A farewell package?

Her throat felt like a knot and she just stood there.

What was this? She came home crying and opened the package, inside the package a beautifully coated translational quran with a small note on it; * READ!. The young girl caressed the Qur’an with tears in her eyes. Then he called his loved one, he did not come out, he texted and did not write.

Just “read!” she was saying she. He was calling to the young girl by the command of Allah. So she had separated from him, for God’s sake. She was right, she was the hafiz she loved, she would have read the verses of Allah because she had stayed away.

The young girl began to read the Qur’an, accompanied by note papers, and the verses flowed onto the pages of the Qur’an. Every time the verses of hell passed, the young man left a note.

“Does a person deliberately throw his loved ones into the fire? How could the young girl not cry whenever the verses of her Lord and the words of her loved one were told, “May my Lord make you neighbor to His Messenger in heaven”, when the heavens under which rivers flow are told. Now she would sit and read the Qur’an for hours every day. She was adorning her love with tears, she was almost silent to the verses and the words of her beloved. The creation of the heavens, orders and prohibitions, believers beware, she was saying she loved.e. Tears were flowing from her eyes one by one.

The young girl continued to read for weeks without getting tired. Out of the fear of God, she no longer wrote to her beloved, she was not calling anymore. His sole purpose was to carry out the orders of his Lord.

There wasn’t a day she didn’t cry. She had almost memorized the verses, she had memorized it thoroughly now. It was nearing the end of the Quran, she was crying, she didn’t want it to end.

The words of his Lord were ending, and the notes of his beloved How could he not cry, but he dropped another note towards the last pages.

Even if the trees are pen and the seas are ink, it will not be finished. The young girl took the Qur’an and pressed it to her heart, kissed it, so she would read it again and again and discover new beauties.

A month passed and she finally reached the last page. Is it enough to describe the tears? The words of your loved one were over. She also recited the last surah. Suddenly, an envelope caught his eye.

She slowly opened it and started reading ”don’t think that you have reached the end of this book, do not think that the verses of your Lord are over. Thank you Lord for meeting you. It made my heart fall into such a beautiful love.

Believe me, I have never regretted that I love you, but know that without a memory, you will reach the origin of this love.

Hafiz has matured me. My intention was nothing more than to start a family with you, but I wanted you to read our basic terms first. First I wanted you to understand love, our life guide. Otherwise, I could not expect good from this marriage.

This moment is not over and will never end. If you say yes to me, it will settle in the most beautiful corner of our house. I don’t hesitate to read you stories every night.

If my Lord does not embarrass him or make him forget, you say yes to me, if we have a child in the future, if he cries at night, I will not hesitate to silence him by reading the Qur’an. Are you ready to take this Qur’an as my life guide with my beloved, are you ready to find peace, are you ready to live.”

There is nothing better than marriage for those who love each other. ‘ The Prophet (pbuh) said.

I couldn’t make you my sin. Are you ready to be halal, will you marry me? The young girl was sobbing now. He smiled, pressing the Qur’an to his heart.

” YEAH ! He called out, took a deep breath and sent a message to his beloved, who was unaware of time and place, with shaky hands, “yes”. A little later the phone rang.

The young girl’s mother answered the phone. She was smiling, the lad had moved his family. He didn’t want to prolong the work any longer. In a few days, they wanted the girl immediately and they had a modest wedding.

Even during this time, the young man was not talking to his beloved. The squinting eyes of both of them were enough, and there was no need for a word. After the wedding, they finally arrived home. The young man opened the veil of his beloved and kissed him on the forehead.

“Where is my deposit?” she asked. He immediately went and brought the Qur’an, and the young girl bowed her head and sat next to her husband. The lad just smiled. Finally, the young girl asked the question she had been wondering about for days and weeks.

“How did you know I was going to read it, what if I got mad at you? if i offended? What if I didn’t read because you left me?” The young man smiled, then replied gratefully, “Then I wouldn’t have married you. Thank God, my Lord has blessed me with a patient, faithful woman who reads the Qur’an and tries to live.”

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