The Story of Those Who Separated from Their Lovers

The Story of Those Who Separated from Their Lovers

Right in the middle of your chest, you will realize that your house is too narrow to fit you in. You will be thrown into the street, the streets will be narrow. Just like your body is tight for your heart.

Neither the blue of the sea will open your business, nor the bright sky. You will grow too big to carry yourself, and on the other hand, you will become too small to disappear.

Someone is always going to tell you something. The important thing is to be healthy, live well, never mind. Everything is forgotten. You will not hear any of them. You will be unable to see around with your tears. You’ll hate him enough to want him dead, love him enough to want to die in his arms soon.

You will always want to talk about it, if they say that a cure has been found for death or the apocalypse will break out tomorrow, you will not raise your head and ask what you said, you will want to be alone and get lost among the crowds.

Both will not be enough. You will think about the past, almost minute by minute, but you will want to skip the bad ones and go through the places you passed with him. Going to the places you’ve been. It won’t do you any good, but you will do it on purpose.

If someone told you that they could rip out the pain inside you, you would run away. In fact, even though you want to get rid of it, you will resist to experience that pain. You will want to spend the rest of your life thinking about him. You will hate those who claim otherwise. You can’t compare everyone to him and put anyone in his place.

Nothing will distract you, you will take shelter in drugs, it will only make you watch from behind the frosted glass for a few hours, which makes you dizzy but never makes you forget it. All the songs are written for you, you will not be able to listen to the future.

Sleeping will be difficult, waking up will be easy. You will look forward to the morning. Sometimes you will say that the sun never rises, neither the nights will comfort you nor the days, you will not be able to die by wanting to die.

Maybe you will want to hug someone who comes in front of you so desperately that the nail will pull the nail out, even the thought of futile is intolerable. You will have dreams.

You will realize that you are saying his name every time you wake up with a jump that you want it to be real. You will wait for the phone to ring. Even if you don’t call. Your heart will be in your mouth every time it rings.

You will talk tearfully with the callers. Your heart will break, your heart will hurt, you will swear not to love again. You will not feel like doing anything about life, you will burn to hear his voice once again.

You will hate yourself for not appreciating the days he calls so many times. You will want to leave the city you live in. Going to places where you have no memories with him, but a hope, the hope of meeting him somewhere one day, this hope will prevent you from going, you will live in ebb and flow. If you call it living.

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