Biography Words Compatible with Love – The Most Beautiful and Meaningful Biography Words that Can be Written Together with Love

“Although the word biography means a life story, it is used in a different sense on the Internet and in social media. Short and concise words in which a person introduces himself are called a biography. These words under the profile photo are sometimes quotes from a verse, sometimes from a movie or a book. Some people want to show how much they love her by writing special words to her lover in the biography section. We have compiled beautiful and meaningful words that are compatible with the lover for you. ”
Apart from social media such as Facebook and Instagram, biography words that are also used jointly on Whatsapp are usually selected from rhymed sentences and lines. Apart from this, one can also quote from the songs of famous bands and books.

Bio Lyrics That Can be Written Together with the Most Beautiful and Meaningful Lover

A- The Most Meaningful and Beautiful Strings

1- I don’t know if I was me when you weren’t there
I’m always with you when you’re around, my dear

2- You are the sweetest, you are the most beautiful
You are the most tiny, you are the most special

3- Your hands are my heart, yours
My love to you, my love

4- You’re like my favorite words
Like love, like love
Like hope, like life

5- I wouldn’t dream before you
I’m always in a dream after you

6- I loved you before I knew you
I miss you when you’re with me too

7- Your looks, darling
Like rivers and mountains holding hands
A wind that is warm, calm
A love that is beautiful and genuine

8- Love me when I was as far away as China
Now you are as close to me as life

9- Be my shadow, be my sun
Be my summer, my winter, my spring
My front, my back, my right, my left
Be with me as soon as I open my eyes

10- These stars, this sky is full of you
These horizons, these seas are full of you
When this world is empty without you
Now my hands are full of hope

B- The Most Meaningful and Special Sentences

1- One day I looked in the mirror and saw you. I’ve always seen you in myself since that day today.
2- Our love is stronger than those who try to destroy it.
3- Your heart, my warmest home.
4- You came, you took me from the edge of the abyss.
5- Hold my hands, hold and never let go.
6- Love and life are more meaningful with you.
7- When I look away and when I close my eyes, you are the only one I see.
8- If your eyes are blue, I am in love with the sea, and if they are black, I am in love with the night.
9- I am only strong with you.
10- Those who want to see true love should watch us, not Yeşilçam movies.
11- Your smile taught me love.
12- The winter is over with you quickly, this spring will last with you forever.
13- You are my family and friend, my lover and confidante
14- There is no such thing as after you, because after you, there is no such thing as “after”.
15- The bleeding knees of my childhood healed with you.
16- No winter can make me cold anymore.
C- Excerpts from Lyrics and Poems

1- “Your eyes fell into my palms
I held them tight and kissed them.”

2- The first sip of my coffee in the morning
The sweetest moment of the dream in my sleep
In my mind, you are the only one in my mind
Your place in my heart is always separate

3- When you come to me, the rain stops, the clouds disperse
When you come to me, my face laughs, love hopes

4- I pulled my life towards you
I kissed your sleep, I infiltrated your dream
In every bedsheet clipping that his absence repeats
I thought I was dead and not resurrected

5- You are the eighth color of the rainbow
You are the only true owner of my dreams

6- One day I closed my eyes and counted to a hundred
I’ve been looking for you everywhere
It was you I was waiting for, it was you I wanted
Even when I was a midwife, I sobbed to you

7- Don’t think I’m with anyone but you
If you’re not with you, I’m in

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