Aries Horoscope Weekly Review

Dear Aries and rising sign Aries, you can find concrete answers to all your questions about what to do and what not to do with the lunar eclipse in Scorpio. When you feel that it is getting difficult to maintain your current situation, you should consider that there is something here that you need to change. Instead of worrying too much about your economic and psychological concerns, you can make plans for new initiatives that will solve them. Support from your spouse or family can lighten your load a little. You are establishing a new order for yourself, and you are getting rid of all the people and jobs that are tied to your feet both mentally and physically.

The conjunction of your ruling planet Mars with Neptune in Pisces may whisper to you to turn inward. You can evaluate the point you have reached, your dreams, the struggle between you and some people. You should engage in activities that will relax you. Yoga, worship, meditation, travel, social responsibility activities can take more place in your life with the effect of this conjunction.

With the Sun moving into Gemini and conjunct Mercury here, you can be more visible in your social circle and meet new people from different walks of life. Due to Mercury retrograde, not only new people but also people in your life that you have not met for a while, projects that have been shelved, and unfinished business may also be on your agenda. You may receive some news and warnings, and you may need to review your ideas that shape your life. Enjoy the benefits of your recognition.

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