Grace Kelly & Monako Prensi III. Rainer

On Friday, May 6, 1955, it’s no different for Grace Kelly, the most beautiful woman on television; He will speak to the press for his new movie, give many interviews, go to his hairdresser and meet the prince of Monaco and attend the gala dinner in his honor. Exhausted by the intensity of her European tour and almost canceling the invitation, Grace still attends the gala held in the garden of the palace and meets with the prince among countless journalists, royalty and photographers. After this friendly first meeting, Prince Rainier states that he is very impressed by Grace’s freshness, maturity, sensitivity and culture, while Grace considers the prince to be the most magical bachelor in Europe.


The two soon exchanged letters without any romantic inclination; They begin to write to each other, from the most private details of their lives to their childhood memories. Months later, Grace Kelly and Prince Rainer are brought together for a Christmas dinner at a mutual family friend’s house. The relationship between the two, who get closer to each other during this one-week vacation, turns into the “most magical tale of modern times” with the marriage proposal of the prince.

“When I married Prince Rainier, not what he represented or what he was; I married him. I fell too much in love with him to think otherwise.”

-Grace Kelly

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