I wish you hadn’t lost faith in me

You’re the most valuable person I’ve ever met. No one can take this from our anonymous or reader anymore. A farewell letter without resentment, but with very, very much feeling.

Dearest, I would like to start these lines of deepest gratitude to you with a quote.

“A person’s guilt is hard to weigh. Sometimes we get lost and things go wrong. A thin layer of ice; it’s cold underneath and you die quickly. ”
Ferdinand von Schirach

I still feel the magic of our first real encounter, the first kiss in this place filled with magic, with its wonderful lights. The meeting of two souls whose pursuit of happiness has been heard. Never before have I met such a lovely person. A person whose interior shines so brightly, without even being able to guess it himself. I am so grateful to you for every last second.

The magic of the first kiss
Maybe you think that you did not always manage to make me happy, as I needed. But you did, without knowing it. It was more than just luck. It was a completion. Often we are not able to recognize happiness as deeply as it is put at our feet, because the heavy weight of our own past covers up our inner happiness.

Maybe you think that it would have taken even more. But it didn’t. Those who do not recognize happiness in themselves cannot reproduce it either. I had lost faith in myself, slowly, more and more, bit by bit. But one hug from you, just three sentences and everything dissolved. Maybe I should have told you this more often. To give you an even better understanding of how much you have enriched the life together.

Maybe you think that our meeting was a deliberate destiny to realize who we both are. That she had only this purpose, this period available to pass. The past has left a heavy burden on both our hearts. Through you, this burden disappeared more and more. We were able to survive together what had broken us. I got lost during this path and it went wrong. Everyone acts for himself in order to “survive”.

Burdens of the past
I have often chosen the wrong decision, wrong behavior. I have portrayed a person that I would never have needed deep down inside me. Through you, I now know that I can be more than the actions I chose. The cold heart, which did not believe love and did not consider what it is able to move. That, however, longed for her …

I feel, recognize and understand what you saw in me. I just had to hold on to it and play it back to the outside. It was all in my hands.

I should have realized even more how much your heart is looking for security. How hard he tried to overcome the past. I should have told you more about how much you mean to me. Just the way you were and the way you are.

How much I wish that you have not lost faith in yourself. That you realize how much you did everything right. Never and never could you have done more. You’re the most valuable person I’ve ever met. This is what it feels like when fate gives you the part of your lost soul. I will be grateful to you for all the time.

Like lonely shells in the ocean
Now we are both drifting around again as lonely shells in the ocean of life. But are we happier as a result? I still believe in this magic of true love. The magic, the lights, the magic.

Through you, I now know what it means, what it feels like to truly love. I now know that true love actually exists. That souls can touch and learn from each other. Also that they can live together. Maybe it will take a while to swim alone in the ocean again.

We often think that an encounter was just an encounter with our other, own side. That a mirror of ourselves was sent to us to recognize. However, perhaps it is more than just that. How often do we stand in front of the mirror fogged with water vapor and wipe around with our hand and see our reflection again. Always in a different way. Sometimes blurred, sometimes with drops. But the haze becomes less and it disappears and we realize that our reflection is more than just a picture.

Each epic ends in a trilogy
I hope that the actual love still has a title to write. She will continue to write steadily and I now know that there is love, that hope will never run out.

In the end, the lonely shell finds itself in the ocean and realizes that all the abrasion of the tides is still able to give it a shape, which in the end clings to the lost piece. Since the wave gave them the way to each other, it broke, and in the end the wind still let them become one.

I thank you for the faith you have brought back. The power of thought and transmission. Thank you for actual love. The opening of the once closed heart. The prospect that a possible drama of the gifted child does not have to become one.

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