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Too good to be true

I was tired and exhausted when we met at a health clinic last year. A depression had brought you there. Triggered by a separation that you could hardly process. The first time I saw you, you seemed kind of creepy to me. When we first started talking and you told me your story, you had […]

Did we really know each other?

A year. In the summer you had left our vacation and we both lived the separation without really seeking clarification again. Occasionally I perceived the superficial contact via messages, I put letters from you unopened to the side and your things were in my apartment. You didn’t ask for it, I didn’t grab it. Late […]

Wanderlust and Wanderfrust

It was in the spring when my colleague asked me if I would like to go hiking with her. We had not been close friends until now, but she had already asked me the autumn before about a hike. My colleague is a very structured and hardworking woman, but she is not particularly popular. She […]

Out of love for me

My love, last year your marriage broke up and you are still sad and disappointed about it. But you gave birth to two charming boys in your 7 years of marriage and raised them. You had good and bad times as a family, went on vacation and you lacked nothing financially. Your husband took care […]

My boyfriend never loved me

Martin and I met at a bar. He spoke to me and immediately aroused my interest. Over a glass of wine, we quickly got into the conversation and kissed passionately the same evening. From the very beginning, he conveyed to me that he wanted a partnership and I was not averse to it either. On […]

Sailor’s Love


He got up from the bench where he was sitting, straightened the sailor’s uniform on it, and set about examining the people at the city’s major train station. His eyes were searching for that girl, that girl whose heart he knew so well, but whose face he had never seen, with a rose on her […]