The Love Story of Ariane and Theseus

Ariane lived on the island of Naxos, where the waves were raging on its shores… The grief-stricken girl Ariane, who could not get her share of love, was abandoned by her lover Theseus.

He was crying and whimpering with this pain, praying to Theseus. Sometimes she would lie on the sand on the shore, soaking the sand with her tears. Sometimes he went up to a high rock that dominates the sea and imagined the disappearance of the blue ship that took Theseus far away, commemorating the day of parting with burning inside and shouting:

-“Theseus! You have a callous, stony heart! Which lioness gave birth to you? How happy I was with you. Didn’t I serve you like a slave who gave in to everything? Wasn’t I the one washing your tired feet? Who was spreading the erguvan-colored blanket over his bed? Instead of leaving me on this deserted island, you should have taken me to my father’s house. What can I do after that? Who will dispel my grief, who will bring me hope and consolation? How can I live on this island, where the raging waves on its shores are torn apart by making noises? The deep and terrible sea separates me from my father and my acquaintances. Am I going to die abandoned on this rocky, uninhabited island in the first spring of my life?”

One day, the beautiful-haired virgin, whose heart was filled with countless sorrows, lay on the shore exhausted and passed out. Just at this time, an enigmatic young man with blond hair flying in the wind went out to the island of Naxos.

As soon as dec set foot on land, he saw the beautiful girl of this deserted island, young Ariane, in the arms of sleep.

The mysterious lad was the king of eternity and loneliness. He dominated the empty silence of space that stretched out. Despite all this, he knew that he would be happy with life. The young king had a nature that banished grief from the hearts and brought joy and consolation to the victorious ones.

When he looked at the beautiful Ariane, his heart beat with excitement, he watched her sleep with her big eyes, this beautiful view to the full…

Poor Ariane had lain down in the hollow of a rock. Her long-haired head was resting on her left arm, and her right arm was framing the bright and sweet beauty of her divine countenance.

When he woke up, the young king approached him: -“Beautiful fairy girl,” he said. “You were the hopeless lover of Theseus before you deserved to be the lover of a glorious king. You slept a long time with the winter cold before you were revived by the joy of spring.” As he said this, the King put the crown in his hand on the wavy hair of this beautiful girl that he liked. But as soon as this bright crown touched Ariane’s forehead, it lengthened, rose up to the heavens. Each of the precious stones and ores found on it became a star in the sky. This crown of stars, to keep the memory of the King’s finding his Queen and their union forever, remained pebbled in the sky. Now the Young King’s eternity and the darkness of space were awash with stars.

Ariane’s chastity, loneliness and the sadness of her heart had brought her eternal happiness one day. For this, for thousands of years the stars have been winking at happy people who know how to take care of them…

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