You Were Just An Episode of A Fairy Tale

Dear Lars,

These lines may be very surprising to you, but these are the words that I should have told you a long time ago.

I still remember the night of our First Date. A few hours ago, after a three-month trial period, I unexpectedly received my resignation. I was so sorry! You said this was a good opportunity to cheer me up.

That is why we met for the first time on the evening of April 08, 2019. Coincidentally, there were two bottles of Guinness in the fridge that I took with me. I walked out the front door and soon after I saw you walking down the street. A simple ” hello!”our love story has begun.

My strong, sensitive Asterix
You were wearing a black coat. And I know that I never told you this, but your dark blond hair and Beard immediately reminded me of Asterix in the “Asterix and Obelix” comics.

We sat on a bench in the park, toasted that I finally got out of a job that I didn’t feel good about, and talked about God and the world. Then you brought me home and I was sure we would meet again.

Our second meeting took place at your house. Although your apartment was a little small and messy, I immediately felt very good. There was a skull on the bookshelf. I smiled when I saw him. I love skulls to this day. And the music made me feel like home. We both love Rock music and festivals (I assume you like it at least as much as I do). You looked so beautiful in your Checkered Shirt!


The shadows are on us
Sitting on the couch, you suddenly got serious. You said you had to tell me something. Then everything changed, everything changed. You’ve been Depressed for years. I was shocked, because you never noticed. You have been to a psychiatric Hospital many times before and had to take pills.

I also had a “Secret”. About five months ago, after four and a half years, I broke up with my boyfriend. And obviously I hadn’t figured that out yet. You had to realize that pretty quickly, too.

That night you kissed me for the first time and confused my little world. You’re just in time to heal my wounds. Meeting you, laughing, your warmth have been very good to me. You’ve been good to me.

We have always skillfully removed the fog of negative thoughts and Doubts. We didn’t want to see problems. I didn’t want to see you. And so there was an endless story of kisses, Hand-Holding, the thought of my ex, alcohol and bitter Tears. It was an endless back and forth movement. I couldn’t let you go.

Until in July 2019, when we met by chance while celebrating at our main Disco and you painfully accepted the decision. We were both very drunk. You know why.

I want to say that I’m still sorry today. You were just a good part of my life. I’m sorry I hurt you like this. That I would never be able to give you my heart in full. You’re very Special and you deserve better.

I wish you happiness with all my heart.


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