The Story of Kerem and Asli

Kerem, whose real name is Ahmet Mirza, is the son of the Shah of Isfahan. Aslı, on the other hand, is the daughter of an Armenian priest who was the treasurer of the Shah of Isfahan. Kerem and Aslı love each other. The Shah of Isfahan asks the priest for Asli for his son Kerem. The priest does not want to give his daughter to a Muslim. However, he could not immediately reject the Shah’s request.

It takes some time from the ruler. The ruler gives the priest time to decide. But the priest uses this time not to think, but to escape from the country. The priest and his daughter Aslı secretly run away. Kerem hits the road after his love Aslı. Kerem, who sets out to search for his beloved, begins to travel all over Anatolia.
Kerem has fallen in love with his faithful friend (Sofu Brother) and his saz. In every province he goes to, he sings the burnt songs to every person he meets and asks about Aslı. Some answer Kerem, some leave his question unanswered. Kerem begins to express his troubles to the mountains, rivers, rocks and animals he sees.

Karlı, who comes across him, continues to search for Aslı by asking for a way from the tough, heavy waist. The obstacles in front of them are denied by Kerem, who burns with the fire of love, and they will not prosper again. Kerem’s love for Aslı turns into fire. In the fire of his love, Kerem grows to perfection. He now has a keramet. Allah fulfills Kerem’s every wish.

According to the story told in some provinces, Kerem reunites with Aslı for a while. Asli priest meets with Kerem for a while, unaware of her father. They tell each other about their love, feelings, pour out their troubles. According to some narrators, Kerem calls Aslı and arrives in Aleppo. Here he endears himself to the Pasha of Aleppo. Pasha threatens the priest and persuades him to give his daughter to Kerem. Aslı and Kerem’s wedding ceremony takes place.

But the evil priest does what he will do again and dresses his daughter Aslı in a magical wedding dress. If the buttons of the magical outfit were opened all the way, it would close by itself again. Because of this outfit, Kerem could not unbutton Aslı. Kerem’s heart would burn to ashes. Aslı’s hair is mixed with Kerem’s ashes. The sparkling hair suddenly ignites and Aslı turns into ashes. The ashes of the lovers mingle and the two lovers reunite.

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