Oath of Allegiance

The love story offers you sad marriage stories, you can read how fragile the relationships are and how sublime the love is in this true love story.

My wife was serving dinner when I got home tonight. I took her hand and told her I had something to say. He sat down at the table and started to eat the meal quietly. And again I saw that fear in your eyes, she.

I was suddenly paralyzed, I couldn’t open my mouth, but I had to express my thoughts. I want to divorce. He wasn’t upset. He didn’t respond to my words, just asked why.

I couldn’t give an answer and he got very angry at this; He threw the cutlery in his hand. She yelled at me and said I wasn’t a man she said. We have not spoken a single word tonight. My wife cried all night. I was aware. He wondered what our marriage would be like, but I couldn’t say anything to satisfy him.

I fell in love with Jane, I don’t love my wife anymore. Out of this guilt, I drew up a marriage contract; I was going to give him the house, the car and 30% of the company. He looked at the contract for a while, and he ripped it. This woman with whom I shared my life for 10 years became a stranger to me. I felt sorry for the time and energy he wasted, but I couldn’t go back; I was so in love with Jane. Then she started sobbing, which was the reaction I was expecting. Her crying made me feel lighter.

I had been thinking about divorce for a while, this idea had become my obsession, and now I was feeling even stronger and it was the right decision. The next evening I came home late and saw my wife writing at the table. I was very sleepy and went to sleep without having dinner. All those hours with Jane had exhausted me. At one point I woke up and saw him still writing at the table. But that didn’t matter to me and I turned my head and continued to sleep.

The next morning he presented his terms to me in writing. He didn’t want anything from me, he just asked for a month to announce our divorce and wanted us to act like a normal family at this time. The reason for this was that our son had his exams a month later and he did not put this burden on him during this period. This is acceptable. There was one more thing, it was to remember how I carried him through the door on the night of our wedding, and he asked me to carry him from the bedroom to the door of the house every morning for a month. I thought he was going crazy, but I accepted, as our last days were going well.

Then I mentioned these terms to Jane, and she laughed out loud and said that it was ridiculous and she would have to agree to a divorce eventually.

Since I brought up the subject of divorce with my wife, we have not had physical contact. That’s why I had a strange feeling when I took him in my arms and carried him to the door on the first day. Our son was standing behind us and started clapping, “Daddy is holding mommy!” This made him very happy. His words hurt me… I carried it ten meters from the bedroom to the door of the house. My wife closed her eyes and whispered in my ear, “Don’t tell our son about our divorce.” I nodded and said, “Okay, and a sadness came over me. I left him at the door – My wife went to the bus stop and waited for the bus that would take her to work. So I went to the office alone.

It was easier for us to play this game on the second day, My wife rested her head on my chest and I smelled her. I suddenly realized that I had not looked at my wife for a long time. And I realized that he is not as young as when I got married. Wrinkles on his face, grey hair on his head. The past years had not passed by him like that. At that moment I asked myself what I was doing with it.

On the fourth day, when I held her in my arms, I felt a sense of security. This is the woman who gifted me 10 years of her life.

By the fifth day, this sense of confidence had grown even more. I didn’t mention this to Jane. As the days passed, it became easier to carry him; Maybe it’s because of the training I’ve been doing this way. I watched her one morning thinking about what to wear. She rebelled, saying that the clothes were getting a little looser every day, she said. I suddenly realized how drained she was and how she lost weight. So that’s why I was able to carry it more easily every morning, she.

She suddenly punched me in the face, she. She carried so much pain and sadness in her heart. I unconsciously patted his head. At that moment, our son came, too, and she said, “Daddy, you have to carry my mother.” It had become a part of our lives, her father carrying her mother from room to door. My wife called our son to him and hugged him tightly. I turned my head; from my decision at the last moment

I didn’t want to. I took her in my arms and carried her from the bedroom to the door. He put his hand on my neck and I held him tightly. Just like the day we got married.

I was now restless from losing so much weight. On the last day, when I carried her in my arms, I did not move. Our son was at school and I told my wife how much intimacy in our life was missing. I went to the office, jumped out of the car, ran up the stairs without locking the door – there was no time for that, I was afraid any moment would change my mind. When she got upstairs, Jane opened the door. I told him I would not divorce my wife.

With a puzzled expression, he put his hand on my forehead and asked, “You have a fever?” he asked. “I’m sorry, Jane, but I don’t want a divorce anymore,” I said. Our marriage was discolored not because of a lack of love, but because we forgot each other’s worth. Now I remember that when I carried him through the door on the day we got married, I swore loyalty to him for the rest of my life… When Jane realized what happened, she slapped my face and closed the door and started crying.

I immediately ran downstairs and went to the first florist and bought a bouquet of flowers for my wife, and on the card I wrote, ‘I will carry you every morning for the rest of my life’.

When I got home, a smile spread across my face, I went into the bedroom with flowers in my hand and found my wife dead on the bed. My wife had been battling cancer for months and I hadn’t realized it from taking care of Jane. Knowing that he would not live long, he tried to protect me from my son’s negative attitude towards me. He wanted me to remain a good wife, at least in my son’s eyes.

The important thing is little things in a relationship. Villas, cars are not a lot of money. These make life easier, but they can never be the basis of happiness.

Take time for your relationship and engage in the things that will mean trust and peace in your relationship. ‘It is a pity that people realize the value of what they have when they lose it.’

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